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. >>> good morning. >>> the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others have been killed as protesters attacked u.s. consulate in benghazi. >>> live from the newsroom with the latest developments. >>> right now the president is taking action ordering all necessary resources to support to carry and libya and u.s. diplomatic posts around the globe. u.s. ambassador christopher stevenson's at bay area ties born in northern california and group and piedmont earning his undergraduate degree in uc berkeley in 1982 and used with us cool in 1989 stevens is the first u.s. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979 happening on the anniversary of 911 the so far no official word if there's any connection between the two events which do know gunman charged the consulate and set fire to the building and the protesters were angry over a film ridiculing as slum profit mohammed. it was produced by american named reportedly now hiding promoted by an egyptian born into a muslim advocate in the u.s. and excerpts were transmitted to arabic of coastal new to 3/8 trevelyan's earlier people protesting
the u.s. increasing security around the world >> more american facilities are now coming under attack >> today, protesters in he and then stormed the embassy and this attack is the latest in a wave of violence after an american made and how muslim movie. protesters chanted death to america and burned the american flag. they were able to breach the embassy by getting through the main gate but failed to make it inside the main compound. once they dispersed, security sealed off surrounding streets. yemen's president just apologize to president obama and ordered an investigation. live pictures from cairo this morning. clashes there became violent again 24 hours after protesters scaled the u.s. embassy walls. some demonstrators threw rocks and witnesses saw protesters carrying bombs. this morning the egyptian president says the egyptian people reject such " unlawful acts ". the white house has been working overnight to step up security at u.s. missions around the world. this after the ambassador and three other americans were killed. the impact of the violent protest is not escaping politi
the death of the u.s. ambassador >> delays sfo, how long, we will talk about it >> the commute is off to a pretty good start so far. we do have a street closure in san francisco >> good morning everyone. >> the time now is 601. right now, protesters are converging towards the new york stock exchange. they're marking the one-year anniversary of the occupied movement >> and are lining up across the park from where they had camped out until last year where city officials said they had to get out. 40 protesters were arrested over the weekend in saturday. occupy protesters in the bay area are also marking the anniversary. there is an encampment right now at the bank of america center. lisa washington is that the center where more put protesters are expected to gather a little bit later. >> if i had to describe this occupation i would say low key and peaceful. as we mentioned, there are more signs than protesters and even fewer tense. only two tenths and several dozen signs. it could be different later this afternoon. at 5:00 there is expected to be a large turnout when a demonstration begi
>> a violent protest in yemen, new arrests on the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya >> i will pinpoint the day that it will be the warmest with your forecast. >> late running road work is what is causing these big delays right now. >> good morning everyone. >> the time is 6:00. firefighters in antioch are busy this morning. three separate fires of broke out within an hour of each other. >> investigators are calling those fire suspicious. >> two of the three fires overnight happened at this strip mall behind me. the damage does not look at significant this morning but look at the flames from overnight. there was some exterior damage and some damage to the roof of this building. you're looking at one of three fires, two of them burn on either side of the strip mall. this one appears to of started on the outside but then moved through the inside. >> fire on the northwest side of the building and then we had another additional exterior fire on the southeast side of the building and one hour before that there was a fire down the street so we do have an investigator in route. >
during these events, which is serious. >> now the u.s. environmental protection agency is involved, chevron in an email response to cbs 5 said that the issues were resolved last year in a settlement with local regulators. the epa investigation is not related to last month's fire at the same chevron refinery but that fire is the focus of a community meeting tonight. set for 6:00 at richmond memorial auditorium. >> a little bit of a change of the season over the weekend and no better man to talk about that then the emmy award winning lawrence karnow. >> around the bay area some low clouds and fog to start you off this morning, a little thick as you approach the coastline, it looks like it will clear out and be a very nice fall day outside as it looks like that low will make its way east but a sign of things to come as that jet stream will attract further and further to the south. before long we will be talking about rain but not today. '40's and '50's in the bay area. by the afternoon we will enjoy lots of sunshine, '60s and '70s in the bay and '50s and '60s out to the coast. back to
of will start to the day, selling to beautiful sunshine by the end of the afternoon. temperatures in the '40's and '50's outside but in the afternoon hours plenty of sunshine. temperatures running below average in some spots. san fransisco is usually 70 this time of the year. and livermore, a few degrees above the average with 78 degrees in san jose. more on your weekend forecast coming up, let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> no big hot spots as far as accidents but we do have slowed traffic through the altamont pass and from 205 all the way out to grant line and as you get to the dublin interchange you'll find more break lights. the scene of the earlier accident. give yourself some extra time across that stretch. elsewhere, there was an accident, it may still be blocking lanes on northbound 87 approaching taylor street. fortunately no huge delays, and the nimitz back outside, live time saver traffic can wrap, drive * 15 minutes on northbound 880 between 238 and a maze. down to oakland airport, and your bridges, there's a live look around the golden gate bridge. easy ride so far throu
and you can see some of the tropical clouds there now. i think the temperatures will not be that bad. '50s and '60s out towards the coast. >> it is a big night for president obama as he formally accept the democratic nomination for a second presidential term >> the weather has forced a big change of venue for the big address. >> the venue was moved from the bank of america stadium very disappointed. last night, disappointed would be the wrong word to describe bill clinton's appearance here. his speech really stole the night. >> made a surprise appearance on stage with president clinton at the democratic convention. president obama listen backstage while bill clinton nominated him for a second term >> all want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside. >> he then turned his sights on mitt romney and paul ryan. he summed up republican arguments this way >> he had not cleaned it up fast enough so fire him and put us back in >> he said romney's plans to cut the deficit with a tax cut does not have that >> is the arithmetic. we simply cannot afford to
. >> we will pinpoint the day that it will top off in the mid-90s. >> good morning everyone. >> it is 601, we want to start with breaking news, police activity is closing some streets in fremont. we will take a live picture right now at that area. we're told it is affecting some streets in that area and elizabeth has been tracking it this morning >> this is a residential neighborhood in fremont just a few blocks east of the nimitz freeway. we were first alerted to this around 315 this morning when a neighbor wrote us and said there were police on the scene and they heard someone firing off gas canisters. there are police and fire and paramedics on the scene. they have the yellow tape blocking the roadways at gitano park drive and don way. it is closed for at least a few blocks in that neighborhood. we will let you know as soon as we find out more about exactly what is going on and let you know. let's go out towards our maps and westbound 580 coming through the altamont pass, a few brake lights now. the drive time is in the yellow so that is one of the slow spots as well as highway 4 reall
diplomats to protest an anti is long video that was made in the u.s.. at least one dozen people are dead after a female suicide bomber drove a car into a bus. a spokesman for another terrorist group claimed responsibility saying it is in response to the same video that ridicules the profit on it. the u.s. says it is suspending military patrol with afghan forces which means most u.s. forces will not interact with their afghan counterparts until further notice. it comes after recent violence involving afghan soldiers turning on coalition members. 51 coalition soldiers had been killed in such attacks this year. newly released video shows efforts to rescue the u.s. ambassador to libya. a resident shot this video with a cell phones that shows a group of libyans trying to rescue chris stevens after finding him barely alive. they drove into a hospital where he was later pronounced dead >> the top cop in san jose is stepping down. lisa washington is in san jose now with more on his career and his impending departure >> when that announcement was made yesterday about the retirement there was one
a and to 66 degrees this afternoon. eighties in the someone '90s as well. hazy sunshine 6 is for the coastline but this weekend to promise to be much hotter will talk about that moment check out the road with those of it. and he mentioned all that thought out there. so once again visibility will be issued for heading into san francisco. they did pick up all that overnight roadwork. elsewhere in its go cruising we have ac transit's with a camera on a bus. they're heading for the bay bridge toll plaza son a couple of minutes we can see what it looks like on the upper deck in so far behind the gates of cecily that fast track planes there not in the meter in my son gets adequate with oracle and world for the middle of next week so once again the of the street closures south of market. do weights this is down a santa clara. no word yet on and that the injuries the hydrogen by the way has been cast a man suspected of raping a woman at gunpoint is in custody the victim told police she was walking around the world street in vallejo september 10th when the attacker approached her from behind. he threat
. staying on the cooler side of things, usually the '70s or mid- 80s buy out. a cool 62 degrees but when you get to san jose, only 69 degrees, 13 degrees below normal for this time of year. right now let's look at the roadways with elisabeth >> we will go out to the ac transit mobile 5 camera. we have been watching them right down the shore freeway heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza and it looks pretty good. drive time is still 18 minutes with no major brake lights. northbound 880 approaching 23rd, word of a car fire still apparently in lanes. not causing any huge problems of your having passed the coliseum. south of that car fire, things are looking good and it continues to move well all the way down towards 92. we're still following the traffic alert in napa county. this is the southbound lanes of california 29. they just called out a caltrans sweeper crew. that is a check of your time saver traffic, back to you guys. >> police in all of this said a serial sexual predator is getting bolder. a woman told police that she was jogging when a man came up behind her and broke her and trie
country and the u.s. >> americans have repeatedly said that iranian government must change and the iranians behavior after all, what does that mean? can one country based on their own opinion this side and establish a red line for another country and then threaten attacks? >> war of the interview can be seen on cbs this morning shortly after 7:00 a.m. >> on to the race for the white house, a new poll shows president obama has strong leads in three key swing states. spot is in ohio where both candidates will be campaigning today. yesterday was mostly about foreign policy with the president speaking at the un and both canada speaking separately at the clinton global initiative. both candidates are expect to focus on the state of the economy. >> it cost about as much as the mansion. we got a look at the world's most expensive dress. what makes it so special. >> it is going up at lightning speed, and inside tour of the progress. >> outrage over tax hikes, how,, >> a suicide attack today in eastern afghanistan killed to nato service members. officials have just released more inf
we have temperatures in the low 50s. so far, no airport delays and it is a clear start to the inland areas. later this afternoon we will bring down the temperature one or two degrees around the bay in the valley this, the same as yesterday. monsoon moisture continues and high pressure is staying put. this area of high pressure will slide in which will result in a warm 7 day forecast. sfo, san jose and oakland international, no delays. houston, 80 degrees. denver, a 20 percent chance of thunder. jfk and also will guardia are also on time at this hour. 60s at the beaches, '70s around the peninsula. 90 in blackhawk, at 84 in santa rosa. san francisco is averaging five degrees below normal. the hottest days this week will be on thursday and friday. >> the san mateo bridge will be close twice next month so crews can fix a crack team on the bridge. it will likely be the third and fourth weeks of october from friday night until early monday each time. this follows the discovery of a crack in a beam under the westbound lanes located on the transition section that reaches up to the high rise.
. there are plenty of campers in the area. the u.s. forest service says the fire is moving in a north northeast direction and as many as 500 firefighters are battling the fire. it is a rather difficult task but they will be fighting it from aground in the air. to tell you when it will be contained is really difficult because it is too early in the process. >> a cal state fresno student has died after a night of drinking at an off-campus fraternity house. a school spokeswoman says and 18 year-old freshman died at a hospital. police are still investigating the circumstances. the mother of the students said she learned that her son suffered severe brain damage hours after attending a party at a fraternity. let's get a look at the roadways. >> i just checked in with chp and we're getting word of a minor accident at the bay bridge toll plaza. one car is involved. no delays, traffic is easy. jumping over to conditions through pleasanton, so far so good. later on things will get a bit busy through the altamont pass. expect delays but if you are on the road early, you are in luck. around the bay area t
the bay. fog showing up in the north bay valley is which visibility down in napa. in the 40's in santa rosa. temperatures are remaining cooler than average, 12 degrees cooler than normal in san jose. >> it cannot be any colder than it is in the studio right now. there is an accident in vallejo that we are continuing to follow westbound 780. we're getting word that two of the left lanes are blocked so it is already stacking up according to the censors. it was a pickup truck verses another car. in the meantime i had mentioned we keep getting twitter feeds about metro delays. delays in bound at the church street station. outbound service has been restored. many delays at the church street station. every other form of mass transit around the bay area is so far looking good. but look at the ac transit mobile 5 camera off the fremont bridge. we will check in with them in a little bit and look at more road conditions around the bay area. >> in world news, after a week of deadly international protest against an anti is long thrown. a french magazine is fueling the debate against freedom discre
inland. the equates instances go this afternoon sunshine and plenty of its a matter where you go the '80s may be low 90s and well inland and pair of eights there in livermore and sen as saying sunshine into pacifica more sun is on the way will talk about that check on the roads with qian that. >>> that seem quite a backup so give yourself some extra time this morning. they're coming off the shore freeway parking it spreads to the knees toward the bay bridge still about a 20 minute ride. holding steady with nice drive times this morning was from heaven for a bit of a struggle this morning also reports of a new accident that may be blocking lanes. between bailey and rode. between 1:00 this afternoon it's not commit direction and it might get a bit busy. dip leads me this morning investigators are looking for suspects that shot and killed the man in a quiet oakland neighborhood this happened after six the last ninth witnesses say they heard multiple gunshots officers arrived to find a madman with the least one gunshot wounds sitting in a parked car neighbors were shocks. the waves and have
of support they have seen. before the chp, he was in the u.s. army reserve. a sergeant says what happened yesterday was a sobering reminder to all. >> is a time to remember when we get up to brush our teeth that the job we have we might not be coming home and just as all of you know that every time you get in your car you know there are fatalities that occur. >> she says the chp is a family organization and this has affected all of them >> according to the contra costa times this was the first serious line of duty incident since 2007 when another officer died after slamming into a tree chasing suspected drunk driver. >> the first call about the shooting came about 820 in the morning >> reportedly shots fired at an officer on the freeway and the officer is possibly down >> the officer radioed for help and then returned to youngstrom side until paramedics arrived. you can find the latest updates on >> san jose firefighter frank ryan is out of a drug induced coma and is speaking with visitors for the first time since suffering a heart attack. he collapsed last week while battling t
bay, low 90s. not quite as warm as yesterday but 93 in brentwood. 91 in walnut creek and 80 degrees in vallejo. we will be looking for a little bit of a cooling trend that will take this into the mid-80s for the rest of the week. >> tens of thousands of homes and businesses still without electricity nearly one week after hurricane isaac blew through the south. people are still living in shelters because of the flooding. president obama toward some of the most heavily damaged areas yesterday. it would not be a political convention without controversy. >> melissa griffin from the san francisco examiner joins us now live from charlotte north carolina. i guess we should start off with john burton making lots of waves and everyone is talking about it this morning >> the folks here, i spoke with some delegates staying in my hotel from virginia and arkansas and they are just scratching their heads over this. everyone is upset about what paul ryan said at the republican convention but they all seem to agree that it is really inappropriate what burton said comparing paul ryan to joseph goebb
towards moffett field, it is slow and go. west down 580 s. harrison, it was a disabled vehicle. you can see yellow on the sensors. it may slow you down as you head towards the maze. also dealing with a crash on southbound 85. traffic alert still in a fact in san jose. two lanes are still closed. we're starting to see a bit of a back up in the cash lanes so give yourself a bit of extra time. >> a mission district bart station in san francisco is back in service this morning. last night in three protesters forced the closure of the station. kate is live with more on the right that started after a police shooting. >> an officer involved shooting started these protests and a mob grew outside the police station and then things got a little bit out of control. there you hear the angry group yelling at police officers at this mission station. protesters rope killers on police doors. police had to get into full riot gear as the crowd surrounded the station. protesters were upset after the officer involved shooting. two officers in normal clothes chased after the suspect they thought was a gang
and 54 in livermore. be showing up in winters. inside the day, '60s and '70s. '50s and '60s at the coast. warmer weather on the way and we will talk about that in a moment >> some of that fog might affect your drive across the golden gate bridge. and did visibility in some spots of be careful as you work your way into san francisco. an accident just north at tiburon on the off ramp and it looks like it may be with injuries soc pg&e and fire crews are on the scene. also along the peninsula, northbound 101 at the ellis street off ramp, it looks like a big rig might have hit an arm for the light rail tracks so chp is doing traffic control. speaking of traffic being backed up, west down 580 this low and go to 680. >> this morning, people against plans for a new jail in san mateo county plan to crowd into a budget meeting. they believe the money would be better spent on social services and other and alternatives to imprisonment. protesters want the board to hold a hearing on how to reduce the jail population. today the board of supervisors move forward with a plan to make very small apartment
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